Broom Holder Wall Mount

Color:  Silver-2Pcs
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Material Stainless Steel
Color Silver-2Pcs
Product Dimensions 1.5"D x 5.5"W x 2.3"H
Number of Shelves 2
Room Type Kitchen

  • Compact and Space-Saving Design Our sturdy and durable broom holder is specifically designed for smallspaces, making it a perfect solution for clutter-free homes. ts stainless steel grip and metal hooks ensurelong-lasting performance.
  • Versatile and Adjustable This mop and broom holder wal! mount comes with racks and hooks, allowingyou to customize the organization based on the size of your tools. lt's suitable for brooms, mops, rakes,gardening tools, and more!
  • Easy One-Handed Operation | Installing and using our broom holder is a breeze. With a simple one-handed push, you can securely store and retrieve cleaning items without any hassle. The non-slip grip locks keepyour tools in place.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Use From the kitchen and laundry room to the garage and garden shed, this wall-mounted tool organizer is versatile and weatherproof. Keep your living spaces tidy and make the most ofevery inch of your home.
  • Sturdy and Rustproof Materials | Crafted from 304 stainless steel, our broom and mop holder ensuresexceptional strength and resistance to corrosion, making it ideal for heavy-duty use. It can hold up to 33pounds securely.

Ultimate Dance Partner for Your Cleaning Crew

The Dual-Slot Broom Mop Holder! Watch as your cleaning tools groove into perfect order, thanks to its savvy design. Taming the chaos has never been so stylish. And the best part? Its compact moves mean it can boogie in even the coziest corners.

Taming Chaos: The Dance of Cleaning Tools in a Cozy Household

Amidst the organized chaos of a snug dwelling, a petite storeroom embraces an array of cleaning contraptions.

In this captivating scene, a cunningly compact broom mop holder takes center stage, orchestrating a symphony of order.

With a graceful sweep, it corrals unruly brooms, mops, and brushes, transforming the clutter into a harmonious and tidy spectacle.

broom mop holder

Compact size great for small space

  • Sturdy and Durable
  • Strong Bearing Capacity
  • Prevent Sliding
  • Easy to Install and Use

Multi-Task Master Broom Mop Holder

Meet our Multi-Task Master Broom Mop Holder – the ultimate multitasker for your cleaning crew! With its ingenious design, this compact holder transforms chaos into order, embracing brooms, mops, brushes, and more with open arms. No need for a cleaning tool juggling act anymore! Let this holder's unique charm bring harmony to your cleaning arsenal. Embrace the power of versatility with the MultiTask Master – because every cleaning tool deserves a cozy home!